Japan is one of the world’s elites in Research and Development (R&D). Well-known for its cutting-edge technology such as the bullet trains and robots; and international corporate conglomerates like Nintendo, Panasonic, Sony, and Toyota – it has proven superlative performance in dozens of advanced industries. Furthermore, the nation remains a major player in the world market supplying the most sophisticated and high-technology products and dominates in hosting of the crucial underlying technologies that have driven the information technology revolution.


However, over the past decade, it seems like Japan’s status in science and technology has been losing its steam and competitiveness and sinking at an alarming pace despite a bevy of Nobel Prizes awarded to its scientists over the past years.

As reported by the Asian Scientist, according to Nature Index – a database that provides absolute counts of publication productivity of high-quality researches globally – Japan has failed to keep pace with other leading nations in terms of scientific output.

Between 2012 and 2016, Japan’s share of high-quality researches that are included in the Nature Index has dropped by 6 percent; while, over the last five years, publications by its authors in high-quality natural science journals fell by 8.3 percent.

Also, data from the largest databases of peer-reviewed literature – such as Clarivate Analytics’ Web of Science and Elsevier’s Scopus database – illustrated a downward trend of performance reporting that as compared in 2005, Japan has published fewer articles in 2015. Furthermore, a fall of 10 percent and 37.7 percent in publications were observed in the fields of material science and engineering and computer science, respectively.

This downturn has led to a very challenging situation for Japan whose rivals have significantly increased their research spending while Japan’s has remained flat since 2001 – most especially against China which keeps on ramping up efforts to dominate a wide range of fields.

In terms of the number of patents registered each year, China currently sits at the top (where Japan used to be) with a higher number of total patents (one million filed last year) as compared to Japan and the United States. Japan, however, has still a lot of patents (more than three hundred thousand last year). But examining closely, it actually decreased by 2.5 percent last year – still, an alarming rate.

And although experts claim that Japan still holds an advantage over China in terms of the quality of research publications, China has progressed rapidly in the most advanced areas of research while Japan’s performance remains stagnant.

In August, China became the first country to launch a satellite for research in quantum communications which is used for experiments for developing advanced technology based on quantum cryptography – an experiment which Europe has been working on for quite some time now.

In addition, China’s dominance in the science and technology field can be clearly seen and felt with its rise in the latest list of the fastest supercomputers in the world. In November, the Top500 Project – a detailed ranking of the 500 most powerful supercomputers in the world – has shown China overtaking the U.S. and Japan, getting both the first and second spots.

China has been on a very aggressive drive toward technological innovation refocusing their goals on improving innovation capabilities rather than on production abilities. Aside from focusing on technology, software production, electronic components, and nuclear power plants – it is also planning to tap the medical science field in the treatment of AIDS and development of drugs. Moreover, China’s space exploration technology has been going on for almost a year.

China has indeed rocketed to the top of the line and is likely to take the leading role in the development of technological standards, as stated by Masahide Sasaki, a distinguished researcher at Japan’s National Institute of Information and Communications Technology.

Japan and China have been rivals for almost a century for a number of reasons, dated back to the ancient times which until today are still the primary sources of misunderstandings – such as the World War II,Nanking, and territorial issues. The battle to win the science crown which has been ongoing between the two countries might be a new addition to the growing tension – where seemingly, China will win in the years to come.

As Mr. David Swinbanks, Founder of Nature Index stated, “Japan has long been a world leader in scientific research. However, this supplement’s data, from the Nature Index and our partners, illustrate the scale of Japan’s challenge in the coming decade.”

The Bitcoin Wallet App and the Future of Bitcoin

More and more people are becoming aware of what bitcoin is, and how it can help them. This is also why it is now so easy to find a bitcoin wallet app. But the big question, for many, is how retailers can use them, trading them back and forth. Thankfully, a good bitcoin wallet, which is now mainly available on Android but not yet on iOS, should facilitated that.

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Important Things to Know about the Bitcoin Wallet App

  1. When you create a wallet, you will see that, for a fee, you can speed your transactions up. This money then goes to the miner who processes the information. The fee, in a sense, is to do their work properly. As standard, however, your wallet should have the fee set as 0, but you can change that yourself.
  2. If you go to the transaction page in your wallet, you should see information about “confirmations”. This means that the network confirms that particular bitcoin hasn’t been entered before yet. It is always a good idea to wait for confirmation so that you don’t get scammed.

Where to Buy Bitcoin

  1. Have a bitcoin meetup near you.
  2. Check out bitcoin websites to see if anyone near you wants to buy or sell.
  3. Look up for Buttonwoods, which are street exchanges of bitcoin. The first street exchange was established under a buttonwood tree in 1792 on Wall Street, which is where the name comes from. You can also start your own Buttonwood.
  4. Encourage friends to get into bitcoin, this will also help grow the network.

So what about physical bitcoins? Technically, they don’t exist as bitcoin is digital and not physical in nature. However, practically, you can actually hold a bitcoin. Examples include:

  1. Cascascius coins, which were created by Mike Caldwell, how has embedded private bitcoin keys inside physical coins. The hologram has to be peeled off in order to show the key.
  2. Paper wallets, which means that you move away from the digital wallet and have everything printed on paper. You can then keep this paper, which contains all your keys, wherever you like.

The big worry with both the physical options, however, is that they can both be stolen or destroyed, and you will then never be able to get them back. Some people now also look at opportunities to purchase bitcoins on eBay. It is possible to do this, but they are generally overpriced. This doesn’t mean that eBay is a no-go area, but rather that it is a better place to use for selling bitcoin, rather than buying them. After all, you can earn a lot more by selling them on this platform.

So is bitcoin the future of currency? Some people see it as everything we have been looking for: a decentralized form of money. Others feel it is far too volatile to ever really take off. The question will probably remain unanswered for quite some time yet.

Innovation Management Software, What Is It All About?

The idea of innovation, or idea management is not necessarily a new concept, but the way in which we can take an idea and see it through to its fruition has changed a great deal in recent years. Whilst the idea of idea management may seem like a large and confusing concept with wildly varying definitions of what it actually is, the new types of software which have come to the market that allow you to oversee this level of ingenuity, really condenses the who concept down to an easy to use tool. Innovation management software is used by multiple companies around the world who are seeking to ensure that they not only stay relevant through innovation, but also that they are able to do so in a simple and effective way, let’s delve a little deeper.

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What Is It?

The idea of innovation management software is to proved businesses with a digital platform whereby they can conceive, polish and discuss new ideas for the company. The way in which this software works is that it gives your company a portal, which can be accessed by as many people as the company wishes, that allows the users to throw ideas out there, discuss challenges and how they can be overcome and encourages colleagues to share best practices between offices.

What Are The Benefits?

There are numerous benefits to this kind of software and here are just a few ways in which you will improve the way in which you develop ideas if you invest in this software.

– Employees

This kind of software allows you to encourage your employees to use it and bring forward their ideas to you, something which could be difficult without the software if you have a large team. Equally, your employees will feel respected and listened to if they are able to have a platform where they can talk about ideas which they have for the company.

– Speed

This is one of the biggest benefits of using this kind of software, the speed with which it takes to take an idea from a concept to something real. Arranging calls, meetings and thinking sessions with all of the invested parties in innovation can be tough when it comes to time and organisation, but with this software, that all changes. In the space of just a few minutes all of the important people can see and contribute to the idea process, saving time and money.

– Instant Information

The software is about more than simply writing to people and a forum of ideas, much more in fact and you can add a huge range of documents which support ideas and problems and upload them to the software. What this means for managers is that they can see all of the information which they need, in an instant.

If your business is looking for ways in which it can innovate to stay relevant, this is the software which you need.

SEO Agency and How They Can Help Your Business

As a business, working out what areas you should be investing in can be tough and it is important that each cent which the company spends is heavily scrutinised. One area that I would always encourage that you do spend money however is in marketing and the help which your business can receive through enlisting the support of an SEO agency or a digital marketing company for example, can be huge.

Investing in areas such as this is about trying to get the very best return on your investment and if you invest in an SEO agency then you can reap the benefits financially. Let’s take a look at what SEO agencies do, and how they can help.

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What is an SEO Agency?

An SEO agency is a company which employs the use of many tactics and strategies to improve the SEO of your online presence. SEO stands for search engine optimisation and it is a way in which search engines are manipulated to help your company feature on the top pages of search engines like Google when people search for keywords that relate to your business. For example if you have a law firm in Philadelphia, an SEO agency can help you to feature on the top page of the search results when potential customers search for ‘law firm Philadelphia’.

How Can SEO Help Me?

The reason why SEO is so important is because it gives your company a huge amount of exposure , to the people who are already looking for the type of product or service which you are offering. The truth is that 90% of people never look beyond the first page of the search results and so if you are not up at the top for particular keywords, you may as well not even be on the list. SEO helps to grow your company’s  brand, it drives more sales to the business and it also helps you to stay one step ahead of your competition. The cost of SEO is relatively low in terms of what you will get back by way of brand growth and sales, so it is always worth investing in this aspect of marketing for your business.

I Don’t Have An Online Business

The fact of the matter is that even if you don’t have an online business, you should still be investing in the internet as a way to get your company out there. The internet is truly the new high street and just because you don’t necessarily operate online, does not mean that you can’t use the internet to solicit more business. In fact, recent consumer reports show that there are more people who use the internet to find products and services than those who actually go out and actively look and if you can tap into this market then there is a great deal of money to be made.

Things You Should Know About the Importance Shopping Cart Software

Shopping cart software is not something to be taken lightly. It is something that is absolutely necessary for any eCommerce website, but if you have a bad shopping cart, it can cost you a lot of money. On the other hand, a good program can help you increase your profits. The following are a few things you should understand about shopping cart software.

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A good program will reduce shopping cart abandonment

There are many reasons why a person will abandon their shopping cart, and some of these reasons may have nothing to do with the particular shopping cart, but often it does. A bad program can be confusing to a shopper, and they simply lose patience with the website and leave. They may have trouble entering their shipping address. Perhaps their shipping address is different than their home address because they are sending the order to someone else. Shopping cart software must anticipate what a user will need, so there are no issues that frustrate the customer. This anticipation is done during the design phase of the shopping cart program, and then is written into the software. A quality program is something that you, as an eCommerce business owner, chooses. There is nothing that you need to do to give the customer a good experience. A good program does it all for you.

A good program offers security for payment

Regardless of which browser an internet shopper is using or what type of device they have to make their purchase, they must know that their payment is secure. You should have already taken steps to provide a quality design to your site, so customers will feel confident that you are a serious business. You should also have a return policy for the merchandise being ordered. However, once the customer goes to pay for the items, security for the payment should be clear to the shopper, and the customer should be confident that their credit card number is safe. Not only will secure shopping cart software indicate that the transaction is safe, the program will function smoothly and at a normal rate of speed. A shopping cart that is not programmed properly can have glitches that may result in a customer being unsure if their payment went through or not.

Shopping cart software  performs automatic calculations

A good program calculates the total due and clearly shows what each charge is for. Naturally, this will include the items ordered, but it will also include the shipping, discounts and sales tax. A good program will also allow for modifications to shipping. For example, if a customer wants their order expedited, they should be able to make this change. In fact, changes should be allowed with any good shopping cart program until the final submit button is pressed after the customer has decided he or she is finished making any changes.


A shopping cart program is the heart of any eCommerce website, and therefore, it is at the heart of the success of your online business. How a customer perceives your company is not just the look and feel of the website, or how easy it is to navigate your catalog and other content on your site. It is the total experience of the shopping cart. This includes adding items to a shopping cart, but most importantly, the checkout experience.

Time to bid bye to your old career and welcome a career in a different field

No wonder we are enjoying the benefits of technology and it is surprising us every day with new and innovative inventions. Cloud computing is the buzzword now. It has entered intoevery phase with the jet speed. Quite possible, that we may not imagine our life without it, in future. We are in the world where we don’t settle for anything less. We want more storage for our movies, pictures, selfies, applications and files that is readily available to us, wherever we wish to access them. The Comptia cloud essential course is like a Santa clause who proffers you these wishes over an internet which can be accessed with a blink of an eye.

Image result for Time to bid bye to your old career and welcome a career in a different field.

The Comptia cloud essentials course opens up ways of grabbinglucrative job in a leading organization for you. This is a Comptia course workshop that enables you to implement your knowledge in your business or simply make the best use of knowledge by grabbing a higher designation at a leading firm.

The training will assist in acquiring all the needful information and knowledge how you can embark your business in a global way, at an economical rate. The information saved at cloud initiates anytime and everytime access thus making your life incredibly simple.

Companies havestartedinvesting in this field and looking for, the expert in the named field. This fosters promisingfuture to you when you enroll for the training. Organizations are making best use of cloud by storing their revenues, savings and growth on it. Undoubtedly, the benefits of the cloud computing are spreading like  fire in a jungle thus laying red carpets for the aspirants who excel themselves in this field.

Grabbing the course is your wonderful opportunity that should not be missed out. Grab it at earliest and be a part of the revolutionary, future world. During your training you will get to know the basics and fundamentals of the cloud computing and how you can extract best use out of it for your business. You will get all useful information how to implement the techniques learned into practice. You get to know the methods, Challenges and different types of clouds.

Your training will help you get familiar with the consequences and impacts of the cloud computing in IT management. The training available through downloadable e-book fosters step by step process how you can adapt the principles of the course and how you can put your education into practice in the betterment of your company. You get training from the industry experts. They ensure that you grasp the complete knowledge on the topic so that cracking certification becomes easier for you. They will help you prepare for the exam as well. Your certificate is your green card for grabbing futuristic job profession. Needless to say, your course fees include examination fees as well.Image result for Time to bid bye to your old career and welcome a career in a different field.

Use the services of bhashsms and send sms in lots

Sms is these days very important and if you are in any way wishing to promote your business you should know the importance of sms. All the deals and other promotional messages should be sent to the customers so that they stay updated. Not only this if you are interested in promoting any of your business there is no other way to do that then bulk sms. If you will use this service you will always be happy and you will never repent having taken help of this service. In fact if you are not taking help of any of the services you will surely be missing out on something very important.Image result for Use the services of bhashsms and send sms in lots

Promote your business – Use bulk sms

To send bulk sms now this is the best site and you will always be happy when you will have a look at this site. Try to take full advantage of this site and promote your business in the best possible manner. Daily many people visit this site and take help form it. This shows that this site is quite popular and you will always thank this site once you start to take help from it. If you wish you can also take the help and there is nothing that can be compared with this site at all.

Take help from

If you are interested you can surely call and clarify all your doubts and then pay money. You can also visit FAQ so that you can read all the questions and answers so that you get an overall view about this site. After reading these questions asked in it you will be able to see the sort of questions that are asked by people. There is separate section of features so you can surely go through that section as well. It is also very important to go through pricing section where you will be able to see the rates that are charged. Still if there is any sort of query you are most welcome to ask it by calling on the number that is already mentioned on the site. This site also has good social presence and who can surely connect to this site through Facebook, Twitter as well as on Google.

Read testimonials

You should also read all the testimonials and this is surely going to help you. People have written many testimonials and they have shared their experiences in form of testimonials. Lots of people have already hired the services and there are many people who are interested in hiring the services in future as well. There is no other way to promote your business in easier and faster manner then this site. Take help and see that you take the help of this site and increase your business.

Mobile Applications And Their Development Companies

Using online services for the business is a common practice among organizations. But, with the advancements that web development services have undergone over the time, having simple websites is found to be highly insufficient if the business aspires to reach its target audience. There is a perennial struggle for constant updates and latest technologies that help businesses clinch greater business opportunities. A recent trend followed by businesses today is using mobile Apps for the business.

Related image

As it is the era of Applications, many businesses are found to invest greatly in App development companies for its services which will fetch a good standing for their business amongst competitors. App development is a service that needs to be availed by all those people who wish to have agreater representation of their business. A lot of App development services are available today. Identifying the right Appdevelopment service that will best suit your requirements and needs is essential. It is a fact that different businesses have their set of requirements for expertise and hence will have to hire the App development companywhich is adept at different technologies.

Whether it is an android App development company or iPhone AppDevelopment Company it should meet your requirements within the estimated time and budget. This is the important factor for your business App development. App development has gained lots of popularity. Most of the android and iOS Apps today come with a lot of features that makes a business service reliable and easy to obtain by the user. Also, the users feel free to use these Apps and enjoy their services. One can find variety of mobile Applications on the Apple and Google Play Store for different purpose.

Android and iOS Apps

You can now enjoy anything from App development services and iPhone Application development.Thousands of Apps have been made available for the android platform and they can be downloaded from Play Store. A good and innovative androidor iPhoneApp is important for every business to make sure that customers, partners and employees get the very best of experiences every time. You however will need to find the right expert in App development to handle your needs, including software Application development that will favor your business.

iPhone mobile operating system is developed and distributed by Apple. There are however plenty of iPhone Apps that can be accessed to improve on the functionality of the iPhones. For the convenience of the iPhone users, numerous Apps are available in Apple App store that are easily downloadable by the use.

Hire the best company

A good mobile App development company in Indiais what you will need for your business. The good company is made up of a variety of virtues which are what you need to look at when hiring the services. A few considerations will help you in choosing the top experts that will fetch you value for the App needs you have. Check on the Application development services offered, the expertise and experience as well as the cost of service when hiring the best App development company.

How has Fintech Revolutionised SMEs?

The world has witnessed major technological revolutions in the past few years which has made Technology storm into the world of finance. Fintech has become an important topic for businesses all over the world since it is fast changing the manner in which businesses operate and cutting on the cost of running businesses.

Small and Medium Enterprises have been the biggest beneficiaries of Fintech so far. Let us have a look at the concept of Fintech and how it has revolutionized SMEs globally.

The concept of Big Data

At the heart of Fintech revolution is the concept of big data which involves the harnessing of useful insights from vast quantities of data. The insights are then used to redefine almost every sector of our economy. Take for example marketing.

Data mining is helping corporates to understand their customers better and come up with personalized products and services aimed at driving the sales of the company further. As our economies become digital, the demand for information and data is on the rise. The role of data analytics is set to grow, and it is therefore imperative that the SMEs embrace the numerous opportunities brought about by the concept of big data or they risk being left behind.

How has Fintech revolutionized SMEs?

Peer-to-Peer finances

Peer-to-peer lending has heavily impacted on small and medium enterprises lending, in the same manner, big data has transformed how corporates understand and relate to their customers. The profound crisis in the banking sector and the great recession has made it almost impossible for SMEs to grow. This is one of the reasons why most of the entrepreneurs are calling upon the private sector to step in and assist in the funding of the burgeoning tech SMEs. P2P lending has become crucial providing the vital capital and the lower lending rates that many small and medium enterprises require to grow.


Blockchain has become one of the greatest technological developments of the 21st century, and many fintech developers are already taking advantage of the reasoning behind it. Similar to Bitcoin, the role of Blockchain in the modern world demonstrates the importance of crypto currency. Apart from it being decentralised, Blockchain offers an undisputed level of security since it is almost hack-proof. The Blockchain can be used for numerous digital operations such as cloud storage.


Fintech is helping SMEs receive instant payment for goods and services that they offer to customers. Many SMEs have moved away from the traditional transaction methods where you have to wait for more than 30 days before you receive the payment which was sent long ago. Invoicing companies have come into play which offers to provide a solution to the invoicing issues by providing an invoice finance service.

Whether you are a Forex Trader on CMC markets or an options trader, you do not have to wait for 30 days before you receive your payment. The invoice service allows businesses to receive most of the value of the invoice through an upfront payment. This can easily be done through a broad spectrum of innovative online platforms that are easy to access. The platforms allow you to receive the lender’s payment within 24 hours.

Fintech offers cheap yet effective solutions to SMEs

The solutions that Fintech offers to most of the SMEs around the world provide viable answers to most of the problems faced by the SMEs such as insufficient funding and cash flow problems. The Fintech solutions are paving the way for greater accessibility and financing options for many SMEs.

As time goes by, Fintech is poised to take over the numerous outdated financial systems in place which will ensure that there is always a more modern-day solution to the financial problems faced by SMEs around the world. Many entrepreneurs are already interested in finding out the advantages the Fintech offers to their businesses and investment plans. More SMEs are going to turn to Fintech companies for assistance hence incentivising the development of more fintech solutions with time.

Recover Deleted Files Quickly Through EaseUS

Many people prepare themselves for the events that can occur in their lives. This preparation is made so that no event in their life brings any losses to them through their own carelessness. The content of the preparation is for recovery or backup for an event which is uncertain to occur. The occurrence of some events can lead to an irrecoverable damage which is beyond repair.

The digital data is also prone to risks in a similar way. It can be lost at any time due to hacking, virus, malware, human mistakes etc. Every business, whether small scale or large scale, use a lot of important information in their daily activities and this information is very sensitive to used by any other individual or a business. Businesses which are aware of the consequences are very careful and install data recovery software in the devices of their firms. It is the need of the hour for these businesses because of the increase in hacking in the world. There are a lot of cases of hacking that have shown up these days.

The steps included in the software follows a hierarchy of launch, scan and recover processes. Launch of the software requires its download and launch of the software into the device. The next step is to scan the whole device with the help of two different scans which are the quick and the deep scan. After the two scans which are done by the device automatically after the first step, the files which are selected by you are detected and are displayed on the screen. You can then recover these files by selecting them from the screen after previewing them.

These steps help you to even recover files permanently deleted from the recycle bin. Files deleted from the recycle bin are hidden in the device and recovered using recovery software. There is various recovery software which provides you this feature but the EaseUS recovery software is one of the best amongst them.

Why EaseUS?

The reviews of this software are very positive that are given by the users who have already used it. There has been a lot of effort that has been put in designing the software which fulfils the requirement of most of the users. It is highly demanded by different companies because of the following reasons.

  • Ease of availability on the internet
  • Positive reviews of the users already using it
  • Easy to launch into the device
  • Can also be used by a layman who doesn’t have much knowledge about the computer
  • Quick and convenient recovery of data
  • Compatible with most operating systems that are Windows OS, Linux, IOS, Android, Mac OS etc.
  • Updates which are regularly available
  • Supported by different devices like computers, mobile phones, SD cards, hard drives, digital cameras etc.
  • Different languages available
  • Follow of simple instructions
  • All features usable in practical life