Another heartwarming Snapchat story love story took place at Utah State

Forget the days of old-fashioned meet-cutes or looking for love on popular dating apps like Tinder — the new place to find romance seems to be on college Snapchat stories.

The world first learned of Snap Story love stories after two University of Wisconsin students, Reed Bjork and Abby Diamond, captivated the student body with their tale of immediate attraction and journey to find each other…on Snapchat.

Now, the social media world is gushing over a similar romantic saga that took place on the Utah State Snapchat story.

The “Epic Night Utah State” Snapchat Story began with a girl spoiling movies and developed into a suspenseful love story between two students, Trevor and Madison.

This is Spoiler Girl:

After she outraged students by spoiling classic films like Shrek, students added their reaction snaps to the Campus Story.

She then challenged her “haters” to meet her at the library and one student (pictured below) suggested settling the issue with an “epic silent dance battle in the library.”

The Snapchat Story then jumped to a student named Trevor who claimed to be “studying” for his Investment Banking final — though we all know he was busy procrastinating.

After a few more comments for Spoiler Girl, a mystery girl in a car responded to Trevor’s snap, wishing him good luck on his final. Her friend and wing-woman in the back seat ended the snap by exclaiming, “You’re hot!”

One very intelligent and romantic boy then suggested that Trevor and the mystery car girl should date. He proposed that the two should meet up at the library at the established time and deemed their exchange “the cutest thing he’s heard.”

On the way to his Investment Banking final, Trevor gave the “mystery car girls” a shoutout and invited her to meet up for ice cream afterwards to celebrate.

“Mystery car girl” revealed herself as Madison and invited Trevor to meet her at the library for the dance battle. Naturally this excited all the romantics on campus.

After some pondering, Trevor decided there was no reason for the two lovebirds to wait until the dance battle and suggested they meet earlier for ice cream. Madison excitedly agreed.

The campus was so excited that they began to search for the Snapchat lovers, and much to everyone’s delight, Trevor and Madison’s meeting was captured on the Campus Story.

As promised, the dance battle took place at the library, and Trevor and Madison were given the honor of judging. The two shared their fist kiss at the battle as the campus cheered them on


And thus concluded another beautiful Snapchat love story.

You know what they say, “A couple who meets on Snapchat and judges a silent dance battle in the library together, stays together.”

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