These watches are made from the clothes of your musical heroes

Nixon has released it’s second collection of Rock LTD watches, and range of timepieces made from the clothes of rock legends such as Slash, Ozzy Osbourne, and Eminem.

The watches are made in extremely limited quantities and are sold with all proceeds going to MusiCares Map Fund, a charity focused at providing addiction recovery treatment.

Let’s take a look at the timepieces, shall we?

First off we have a 51-30 Chrono with a strap made from (Guns and Roses)Slash’s leather pants:

Next up is another 51-30 Chrono made from (Metallica) James Hetfield’s guitar strap:

Fellow Metallica band member Kirk Hammet lent his guitar strap to this watch:

A rather fetching Time Teller made from (skateboarder) Tony Hawk’s jacket:

This Sentry Chrono is made from (Cold Play) Chris Martin’s guitar strap:

Straight from the 8 Mile, a tasteful Chrono made from (rapper) Eminem’s belt:

Footballer (or should I say ‘Soccer Player’?) Nick Rimando gave up is goalie gloves for this bright Chrono:

This Sentry Chrono is made from Jared Leto’s belt:

Macklemore (of Macklemore and Lewis) give up his beloved white sleeveless leather shirt for this:

These were made by Alisa Xayalith and Branden Steineckert:

Our favourite is the 51-30 Chrono designed by Metallica’s very own Kirk Hammett.

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