The Significance of Learning Devops Course

If you want to enhance your software development skill, then this course is for you. Yes, the Devops training will groom the candidates to be the best in software development. And as well, this course will teach participants all about the basics of software development, how to use software tools to get the desired output in regards to the software development. This course covers everything about software development right from requirement analysis to production support. This course uses the docker containers to organize applications in a well-arranged and modular way. One can take this course with ultimate comfort.

Image result for The Significance of Learning Devops CourseWhat the course is about?

The Devops certification in Edinburgh will make the candidates become a master in Continuous integration and testing, continuous deployment and delivery, and continuous monitoring. This course will provide hands-on training to the candidates with respect to using devops tools and components. Through this course, the candidates can able to know how to develop a software by using devops techniques and tools. Further, this course will master you to work on software development field. This course covers the following concepts,

  • What is devops
  • Cloud computing
  • User acceptance tests
  • Technical challenges
  • Software tools
  • Case study
  • Cloud laas
  • MY SQL
  • Debian Linux
  • SSH
  • Virtualization
  • Docker machine
  • Linux virtualization
  • Docket as containers
  • Docker data volumes
  • Hadoop
  • Relational databases and more.

Who can take this course?

It is nothing wrong in knowing the exact audiences for this course ahead taking part in the course. This will let you decide whether or not this course suits you. The following professionals can take the Devops training course,

  • Integration Specialists
  • Release Managers
  • Devops Architect
  • Automation Engineers
  • Software Testers
  • Security Engineers
  • Technical project mangers
  • Operational support professionals
  • Software developers

The benefits of learning the course

At the end of the course, the participants will be able to,

  • Know how to improve the performance of infrastructure and set-up basic security for infrastructure
  • Understand the concepts and necessities of Devops
  • Know about the configuration deployment, packaging, and continuous integration using the GIT
  • Know how to install and configure the common infrastructure servers like Apache, Nginx
  • Understand and choose the best data storage solutions for applications
  • Make use of the design patterns
  • Understand the methods and importance of objected-oriented design
  • Create continuous integration tools and other control system tools
  • Know how to use integration and configuration tools
  • Create user acceptance tests and testable requirements

Course Certification

For receiving the course certification, the candidates that take part in the course should meet the following criteria,

  • Should complete a real-time project
  • Should get 80% marks in the online examination that will be hosted at the end of the course
  • Should pay attention to 85% classes

If they meet and satisfy all these things, they can get the course certification. The devops certification will definitely enhance the personal grade of the candidates.


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