Google Quietly Launches ‘Meet by Google Hangouts’ Video Conferencing Service

Google has quietly launched its ‘Meet by Google Hangouts’ video conferencing service as the company seems to be trying to differentiate Hangouts from its Allo and Duo social platforms. Even though the company has been clear in its intentions to make Hangouts more business-oriented service, this is first time that the search giant is taking a major step in the direction.

Google Quietly Launches 'Meet by Google Hangouts' Video Conferencing Service

Meet by Google Hangouts, which will be part of G Suite (the search giant’s collection of services meant for business users), and even though the app’s Android app is not live, the iOS counterpart is already available on App Store, as pointed out in a report by TechCrunch. Further, the Web client for the service is already available at – accessible only via Google Chrome.

Further, the new video conferencing service reportedly supports high-definition video calls with up to 30 participants, compared with the 10 participant limit on Hangouts. It also provides integration with Gmail and Calendar for G Suite users.

Notably, the App Store version seems to have been taken down by the company after the reports were published. As Google has not officially announced the service, it is possible that the App Store listing made its way earlier than it was supposed to. The Web client service appears to be live but we were not able to place a video call through the service in our testing.

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