Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Works With PC Games Rishi Alwani, 01 March 2017

Along with the Nintendo Switch which has a March 3 release date, Nintendo will also be releasing an additional controller. Dubbed the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, it resembles what you’d traditionally expect from a console manufacturer — dual analogue sticks, triggers, a d-pad, and ABXY buttons, all par for the course.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Works With PC Games

And while the PS4 and Xbox One controllers work on the PC, Nintendo usually isn’t known for such a degree of openness. Which is what makes the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller a bit of an oddity, it works on the PC too.

According to YouTuber Drewoof, who managed to get the controller early, it works on the PC via Bluetooth. All that’s needed is to press the button on the top of the controller to allow for pairing which takes around a minute.

Drewoof showed it working on the Dolphin emulator which allows Wii and GameCube games to be played on PC. He also claims it would work in Steam Big Picture Mode.

Nonetheless, he also warns would be users that games which use the Xinput protocol for controller support like The Witcher 3 and Oceanhorn will not work with the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller without the necessary drivers or software. Games that use the DirectInput protocol like Duck Game worked fine however.

“If you’re willing to install a DirectInput to Xinput driver, it’s worth it, but if not, it’s worth exploring other options like game patches or different controllers,” he clarifies.

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