Overwatch Update Adds Game Browser, Capture the Flag, and More

Popular team shooter Overwatch just got a new update for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Aside from the usual balancing of the game’s many heroes, some new features and modes have been added too. These include a game browser which allows you to customise your experience further, right down to tweaking the abilities of specific heroes.

Overwatch Update Adds Game Browser, Capture the Flag, and More

“Creating a game for the Game Browser is easy. After entering the Arcade and clicking the Create Game button, you’ll be presented with a number of customizable options under the Settings menu. For example, if you want to increase Pharah’s rocket speed or remove the cooldown from McCree’s Combat Roll, those options are at your fingertips. If you’d like to create an Ilios-only map rotation or remove a specific hero from players’ options, the power is yours,” a post on Blizzard’s Overwatch blog reads.

In addition to this, there will be several presets to choose from if you’re overwhelmed with the options at hand. This aside, Capture the Flag which debuted in the game’s Year of the Rooster update is now a permanent fixture. Every control point on Ilios, Lijang Tower, Nepal, and Oasis have been added to Capture the Flag giving players nine additional maps to choose from.

These two headline inclusions aside, there’s a lot more that’s been changed, such as a host of checks and balances to popular heroes like Bastion, Road Hog, and Mercy. You can check the detailed patch notes in their entirety here.

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