PS4-Exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn India Release Date Delayed to March 8

Action role-playing game Horizon Zero Dawn release date is February 28 in the US and March 1 in Europe and India. Or so it was until a few hours ago.

PS4-Exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn India Release Date Delayed to March 8

According to several retailers speaking to Gadgets 360, Sony India has pushed back the release of the anticipated PS4-exclusive to March 8. No reason for the delay was given from Sony to game stores other than March 8 is the new date.

In the past Sony-published games were available day and date with their global counter-parts. The delay is perplexing. More so when you consider that it’s the number one seller on Amazon India right now.

We’ve reached out to Sony India for comment and will update this post the moment we hear back from the company.

As it stands though, if you’re interested in checking out what the makers of Killzone have been up to, you’re better off grabbing it digitally or importing a copy.

We found Horizon Zero Dawn to be a welcome addition to a generation of games that’s seen developers push open-world tropes into many a title, some with barely any reason. The end result is a game that easily surpasses Guerrilla Games’ other works – yes, even Killzone 2. Horizon Zero Dawn is an essential for PS4 owners and role-playing game fans alike.

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