LG G6 Gets Lauded for Minimalism, Ergonomics Ahead of MWC 2017 Launch

Many LG G6 teasers have been released ahead of its MWC 2017 launch, and now the company is showing off the device to select users for first impressions ahead of official unveil. LG gave a sneak peek to renowned industrial designer Torsten Valeur, and he was all praises about the smartphone. He accolades the design, aesthetics, and FullVision display in his initial impressions.

LG G6 Gets Lauded for Minimalism, Ergonomics Ahead of MWC 2017 Launch

Valeur said that the LG G6 is “the ideal fusion of… beautiful shape and clever solution and obviously great user experience… the essence of what a smartphone is.” He praised the ergonomics of the LG G6 for its easy one-handed operability owing to its firm-grip feel. “And I believe that when you take it out and hold it in your hand, turn it around, look at it, play with it, you should be pleased by all the care and diligence that has been put into all the details,” Valeur added.

This is the first official feedback of the LG G6, and as more users experience it in the future, more reactions will pour in. However, this early praise is much needed for LG. The company had a tough last year with disappointing sales due to the low enthusiasm around the LG G5 flagship. LG looks to turn things around with the G6 smartphone and hopes to garner some of the lost sales.

The company released two teasers called Flour and Pool hinting at its dust and water resistance. Past teasers have confirmed that the LG G6 will sport a FullVision display with a new UX 6.0, and a dual camera setup with two 13-megapixel sensors. It is also expected to pack a battery larger than 3200mAh. LG is hosting its launch event in Barcelona on February 26, and the event is scheduled to begin at 4.30pm IST (12.00pm CET).

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