Top Signs Your UTV Needs New Tires

Utility vehicles, more commonly called UTVs, are great for off-road adventures and those who live in rural communities. You can hop on one and head out to pick up your mail, visit your neighbors or do a sweep of your property. One of the top features of a UTV are the rugged tires that grip to different surfaces to give you the traction that you need. While you may not think that tires are very important, bald tires can lead to accidents and injuries. As you drive around on your UTV, you can look for signs that you need new tires.

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Lack of Traction

Before you decide that you need brand new tires because your vehicle slipped a few times when driving through mud, keep in mind that even the best tires cannot handle all types of terrain. Most tires are suitable for driving through basic fields with a little mud or across your lawn after a rain. If you need more traction, you can invest in UTV mud tires that give you traction on even the most muddiest of fields. Tires that no longer have any traction and slide on concrete or other flat surfaces will most likely need replaced.

Issues Coming Up to Speed

When you hit the gas pedal with your foot, the wheels will spin as the vehicle comes up to speed. Any issues that you have with the UTV coming up to speed may occur because of your older tires. These tires may have a few bald spots or some bad patches that cannot spin as well as newer tires can. This can cause the wheels to spin for several seconds before you can even drive off and keep you from hitting the top speed that you need.

Running Out of Air

Another common sign that you need new tires is when the current tires you have keep running out of air. Most drivers notice major leaks because those larger holes cause the tires to deflate pretty fast. If you only drive your UTV every few weeks or days, you may have problems with both larger and smaller leaks. A smaller leak can occur because you ran over a pine cone or a branch that punctured the rubber. You can inflate that tire and drive on it for a few hours or more before it will start running out of air again.

No matter how often you drive your UTV, you need the tires to keep up with you. Tires that cannot gain traction on wet or slick surfaces and problems reaching a top speed are a few signs that you need to replace your old tires with a new set.

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