Practical Safety Procedures for Wiring Jobs Around Risky Power Lines

When a power line drops during a wiring job, accidents and injuries could happen. In order to complete jobs safely during these situations, you must follow a few important steps before an electrical line crew resolves the problem and restores power in the area.

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Stay Away

If a power line falls nearby while you’re on a ladder, you should scale down the rungs slowly. Although rapid action may seem like a smart choice, the fast motion could make the ladder sway. While on the ground, you must avoid the downed line, and you shouldn’t try to interact touch the cable with your hand. If the line is near your automobile or tools, never try to push the line away with a pole or some other item that doesn’t conduct electricity because the process of lifting and moving an electrified line is dangerous.

Don’t Touch Anything That Could be Electrified

When a line drops in an environment, the electrical energy can travel. This means your automobile could hold electricity from a down power line if the cable drops on a pole that’s touching your vehicle. As a result, you should never try to gather broadband power divider pieces and other metal tools on the back of your truck whenever a power line drops in a cluttered outdoor area following a major rainstorm since you won’t be able to determine whether or not electricity is moving through your automobile.

Implement Strategic and Safe Driving Procedures

If a power has fallen a few feet away from your automobile, avoid driving the vehicle until someone tells you that the area is safe. Following most hurricane events and major rainstorms, leaves and debris usually cover power lines on roads. When power line crews scan areas following rainstorms, they move down power lines off on roads so that motorists can reach their destination safely.

These are just a few safety strategies that can keep you safe in areas that have down power lines. If you need more strategies, simply contact your local power line service company.