Best Rooftop Cafes in Delhi

Nothing can match the magic that lies in rooftop ambiences! Rooftop cafes are perfect to cherish your life with your loved ones and create some unforgettable memories out of that! Be it a romantic date, a get together or a birthday celebration, they emanate soulful bliss of their own! There are numerous fantastic rooftop cafes in Delhi that will take your heart and stomach on sleeve! You can checkout and book the same on Zomato and make use of Zomato Offers for added advantage on your food bills. We have come up with a list of some of the most fantabulous Rooftop cafes In Delhi, do take a look-

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Embrace the charm of Ardor

There is a reason of keeping this café at the top of the list and that is the heart throbbing atmosphere it carries! With a luminous lounge coupled with a rooftop restaurant at the very known- Connaught Place, Ardor never ever fails to win your soul with its super wonderful delicacies and outdoor charm of course.

Just throw a visit to this extremely joyful aura and you will start embracing every bit of it! It has got a miraculous music arrangement with never ending list of sumptuous food items that will rule over your senses.

Relish the Imperfect you with Imperfecto

Food matters, but surroundings matter too! This rooftop café is known for embodying one of the most amazing outdoor setups in the city. This place will pull your taste buds with its lip-smacking and gregarious Spanish and Italian delicacies. Each and every part of it emanates positive energy thereby making it a must visit mini Spain set- up in Hauz khas.

Romantic set up and beautiful environment make this café a favorite hangout destination for couples! And one can never miss on the yummy food that they serve. All and all, this place will capture your heart and attention like no other and compel you to visit again and again.

Fall in love with the ambience of West View

This rooftop café embodies one of the most sensational ambiences in the city! Situated at ITC Maurya, this place has been adorably crafted for giving you a memorable delight every time you visit it. If you have been there for even once, you know what the magic is all about. If you haven’t given it a chance to fascinate you till now, go visit it now and we bet you will start witnessing what love at first sight actually refers to!

In terms of offering tasty food and qualitative service, they never ever tend to disappoint you. You can never ever dare to miss the amazing lighting setup if you visit after dusk and believe us you are going to fall in love with that too!

Get Fascinated at the Pink Room

No, this is not just for women! Though it is filled with girly Pink all around, the café turns out to be an absolute fit for friends, couples and families too. From chairs to curtains, from table cloths to Menu Cards, from interiors to walls, each and every bit of it has been dipped into the charm of the happening pink.                                                                 

The Pink isn’t over yet! The Pink Room at times offers free drinks to those who visit the place with their pink outfits on! They don’t offer such free drinks regularly but surely do it occasionally. Moreover, they come up with a private seating arrangement too that at times help you out in doing the perfect behind the back talking. So when are you going to relish this pinkish environment on a pink evening?

Cheer up for Cheire One

Here comes another spectacular rooftop café of the town that is popular for the ravishing romantic feeling it showers. The lovely look of Qutub Minar definitely adds to the charm this unmatchable café comes up with. It is known for offering mouth-watering Italian Food that excels in an awesome way.

It emanates the much needed magic, if you are planning a romantic evening with your partner or just a day out with someone you care about, it has to be the perfect fit! The commendable courtyard seating will capture your attention for sure. Once you visit the place, we bet you are going to visit it again and again.

Notice Impeccability at Hinglish- The Colonial Café

Well Indians are going to get fascinated by the perfect blend of food and arrangement it comes up with. Undoubtedly it is one of the most awesome rooftops in the city that allows you to feel the culture of India with a pinch of modernity.   

The soulful music out there is going to lit your face up with a beautiful smile, the fantastic food will make your taste buds crave for more and more, the serene seating arrangement is going to win your hearts for sure and on the top of it, they have  a special kid zone for your little warriors too! This is the perfect place for conducting meetings and planning day outs with family.

Get Overwhelmed by Olive Bar and Kitchen

Last but not the least, Olive Bar and Kitchen situated nearby the very renowned – Qutub Minar needs no explanation at all! Just take out some time, visit this place, get your hands on the popular food variants they offer, feel the beauty of your surroundings , relish the romantic music, take notice of the gorgeous lights and you are all set to fall for the place.                                                   

The wonderful aura imbibes you to experience the realms of beauty, taste and soulfulness like nothing else. The towering Qutub indeed serves as a visual treat! This has to be the perfect place to take your beloved family on a dinner and experience the love that follows!

Experience the perfect blend of taste and exoticness

Monotonous restaurants definitely do no harm to you but the magic that you will feel while having scrumptious cuisines at a beautifully crafted rooftop environment is irreplaceable. Rooftop environments have a subtle yet influential charm of their own that compel us to fall in love with them all over again. You must have a visit at these phenomenal rooftop cafes in Delhi and enjoy the joyful vibe they sprinkle through their food, music, outdoors, and everything!  Have a great time with your loved ones!