Why Dedicated Servers Are Really Good For Businesses


Dedicated servers are quickly gaining popularity as more and more business owners start to figure out the fact that they are simply superior when compared with most of the other options available on the market. Nowadays, having an online presence is mandatory for literally all businesses. When you build an online presence, you need to make sure that you have the technology needed to deliver the experience visitors expect. Choosing an option like dedicated server USA makes sense because of the advantages offered by them, including the following.

Exclusive Dedicated Resources

The dedicated server is owned by you and when you buy one, you get access to the entire server and all its resources. This is a huge advantage, especially when comparing with shared hosting. Basically, the dedicated option means that you have exclusive use of RAM, bandwidth, CPU, and much more.

A big advantage of the dedicated option is you can access the server’s root. This means you can configure all settings just like you need them and you can add any software program you want. You practically get to use the server as you want and get to use all resources.

Increased Flexibility

The dedicated server can easily accommodate the growing needs of a business. You get to decide the configuration and when the business grows, it is simple to modify the services that exist or just add something extra. As brand new opportunities appear or there are unexpected markets that can be covered, you can easily take advantage of the flexibility of the server to expand.

Basically, dedicated servers are completely scalable and can be customized based on the needs you have right now. When you need extra storage or processing power, it can be done.

Increased Reliability

Because the server is exclusive, it is very reliable. You always have peak reliability and performance with dedicated servers. The possibility that a crash will happen is very low and the website has access to extra resources that might be needed to deal with periods where traffic volume unexpectedly goes up. You do not even have to worry about bandwidth when you use large images and videos on your website.

To make matters even more interesting, in the event that something bad happens, hosting providers usually offer access to technicians that can get everything solved really fast. Troubleshooting is available at any point of day or night.

Increased Security

The last thing that has to be highlighted is that dedicated servers are much more secure than shared hosting. This is mainly because of the fact that the infrastructure of the server always includes security monitoring and firewalls. Dedicated servers are much more secure when it comes to:

  • Hacks and malware – It is much harder to hack a dedicated server than a shared hosting package. You can just concentrate on your business and not have to worry about malware attacks.
  • Denial of service attacks – Since your data is separated from that of someone else, a denial of service attack is less likely to happen. Also, even in the event that a breach appears, recoveries are fast since backups are always in place.