Lenovo Unveils Low Temperature Solder Process, a ‘Breakthrough’ in PC Manufacturing

PC and mobile giant Lenovo on Thursday announced it has developed a new PC manufacturing process making printed circuit boards (PCBs) that conserves energy and increases reliability, apart from reducing carbon emissions. Lenovo says the patent-pending Low Temperature Solder (LTS) process will effectively replace the current tin-based process that requires high temperatures, causing component stress….

Coolpad Note 3 Plus vs Lenovo K3 Note

The Coolpad Note 3 Plus was launched over the weekend by the company as a marginally upgraded version of the standard Coolpad Note 3. The only upgrade here is that the ‘Plus’ model comes with a Full HD (1920×1080) display while the standard variant sports a 720p (1280×720) display. Key Features Given the low price…